Management Buy-Outs

An MBO provides management teams with the opportunity to make significant capital gains from what can be relatively modest initial investments. There are various important considerations to bear in mind.

Management buy out advice

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success factors

  • Effective management team with the desire for ownership and ability to execute future strategy.
  • A commercially viable business with a track record of profitability and cash generation.
  • Willing seller with realistic price expectations.
  • Robust business plan which demonstrates the business can service the funding required.
  • Future exit opportunity to enable investors and management realise their investment.

spotting opportunities

  • Retirement of owners (of privately owned company)
  • Non core subsidiaries sold to realise cash to invest in core activities
  • Financially distressed groups needing to raise funds
  • Businesses in insolvency sold as a going concern
  • Institutional owners (e.g. private equity funds) wanting to realise their investment

we can help

  • Advise you on the feasibility of an MBO
  • Lead negotiations with the vendor
  • Help you to complete your business plan
  • Help you to raise funding
  • Project manage the process on your behalf

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