Simon Brownbill

Simon Brownbill, HURST Accountants
Partner and Head of Practice Development
0161 477 2474

What I do

I have a broad and challenging role at HURST. Essentially my mission is to take the business forward. My responsibilities include client service, sales, marketing, attracting and retaining people, and our international business plan. I also execute major strategic projects for the firm.

Where I've been

I previously worked for BT in a variety of roles in the UK and Europe. I also spent short stints in a marketing agency and a law firm before coming to HURST in 2007 as Marketing Director.

What I've learned

Trust your instinct - it is usually correct.

Why we're unlike any other accountant

HURST are unlike any other accountant because our people are passionate about helping our clients achieve all they want to - even if this does not benefit our own firm.


  • Favourite film: Saving Private Ryan
  • Favourite music:At the moment: Ed Sheeran
  • Favourite food:Italian
  • Favourite city:New York