EPAY window

How My ePay Window can help your business

Payroll professionals running bureaus or running payroll for their own companies use My ePay Window to:
  • Securely deliver payslips, P60s and other documents to employees as an integral part of the payroll cycle.
  • Empower employees and reduce dependency on the payroll team for payslip requests, password reset and usernames queries.

Employees receiving documents via My ePay Window are firmly in control. They can:

  • Securely access all their payroll information 24/7, 365 on the device of their choosing computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Access/print to payslips, P60s, work-place pension auto enrolment letters and P45s without reverting to the payroll department.


e Payslips

EPAY window provides an attractive solution for employers – payslip information is automatically uploaded to a secure website and once there, employees are able to access their own payslips (both current and historic) without the need to revert to their HR or Finance department. Of course, those employees with no internet access or otherwise preferring traditional payslips can continue to have theirs produced by HURST in the normal manner.

Security has been a paramount consideration in the design of the service – which incorporates controls normally associated with on-line banking services. An employee can only see his/her own payslip using a unique login.

For more information on EPAY window, call 0161 477 2474 or email us at Inspired@Hurst.co.uk