Doing Business in Australia

Following the Brexit decision, there has been renewed interest in other easily accessible international markets. Australia has, and continues to be, a good destination for UK businesses to operate. With a Free Trade Agreement announced in June, entrepreneurs have been further tempted to look at this exciting market. 


This event will be led by Australian market-entry expert Robert Lissauer. Melbourne based Robert is a partner at Hall Chadwick. He presents globally on the topic of 'Doing Business in Australia' and has extensive experience in advising a wide range of medium to large private clients in the UK, Europe, and USA on Australia market-entry. He has worked with a number of HURST clients and is a regular visitor to the UK.

Also presenting will be our own Partner Adrian Young who has extensive experience supporting UK based businesses on a variety of international matters. He will be presenting a number of real world case studies, as well as talking about his own client side experiences prior to joining HURST. Read his comments on the Australia Free Trade Agreement here.

As well as regulatory matters, both Robert and Adrian have in depth knowledge of the more commercial and practical aspects of doing business in Australia. 

A full synopsis will be shared shortly, but for now please register below to secure your place.