We are experts in supporting larger businesses with their iXBRL requirements. Our iXBRL conversion service takes the hassle out of converting your company accounts into iXBRL. We ensure your accounts are tagged to meet HMRC’s requirements followed by an in-depth technical review. Furthermore we believe we could be substantially less expensive than your current advisor.

If you have a valid fee quote from the Big 4 or a national firm, we promise HURST will beat it. Hands down.

We offer a fully outsourced, stress-free, cost effective and efficient solution:

  • Our solution converts statutory accounts from MS Word or Excel into the required HM Revenue & Customs’ instance document.
  • Software functionality ensures full compliance with HM Revenue & Customs’ Government Gateway requirements.
  • Three stage review process, complemented with software assisted cross-checks ensures tagging meets full taxonomy requirements.
  • Template exports allow 2nd year fee reductions. 
  • All designed and tested to ensure a snag-free submission process.

Our dedicated iXBRL team on 0161 477 2474... we'll be happy to help you: 

  • Understand the compulsory changes in company reporting 
  • Understand your obligations 
  • Get organised and minimise disruption 
  • Avoid unnecessary HMRC enquires 
  • Understand the options, including outsourcing

For advice without obligation, just get in touch with inspired@hurst.co.uk or call us on 0161 477 2474.