Richard Smethurst

Richard Smethurst, HURST Accountants
Business Services Manager
0161 477 2474

What I do

I’ve been an Audit Manager in the Business Services team since April 2017, looking after a portfolio of clients

Where I've been

Quite literally to Amsterdam, Paris, Soho, Lyme Regis, Gloucester, Hull, Porthmadog, all points around the M60 and along the M56 corridor.

Mainly working on External Audits but also Internal Audits, Sarbanes-Oxley work, CAA ATOL & ABTOT audits, Solicitors Accounts Rules audits, Due Diligence work, Interim Management Accounts reviews, Internal Controls reviews, Pension Scheme audits and Royalties audits.

What I've learned

I started at HURST as a Trainee in August 2007, qualified at Christmas 2009 and gained lots of valuable experience working with and learning from my colleagues and from working with a wide variety of clients.

I’ve learnt that an important bi-product of the audit process is the opportunity to identify weaknesses and make strong recommendations to clients in relation to their systems and internal controls. This really adds value from the client’s perspective.

Advice given by the partners is always worth listening to. The HURST Business Services team is very strong, working well together and with the other departments in the firm.

Why we're unlike any other accountant

We have a top quality team across all departments, providing a high standard of service to our clients. We strive to work together and with our clients, with the intention of offering the most appropriate professional advice and delivering the optimal solution.


  • Favourite film: Backbeat
  • Favourite music: Rock’n’roll, Soul music. I love the guitar-based bands of the 90’s and 80’s but my overall favourites will always be the Rolling Stones & Beatles, the full discographies.
  • Favourite food: Fish, anything Italian/Spanish/French
  • Favourite city: San Francisco and the various counties surrounding the Bay Area. I’m a massive fan of Munich, Girona, Trondheim and San Diego too.