Due Diligence

Are you looking for a due diligence support?

You'll get reduced risk and increased peace of mind with advice from HURST.

If you are thinking of buying or investing in a business, it’s essential that every assumption and expectation - financial or otherwise - is checked by experts.

Due Diligence Advice

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That’s where our financial due diligence team are worth their weight in gold. They’ll analyse and validate every aspect of a pending acquisition, ensuring you understand exactly what you’re buying, and giving proactive advice to make sure you're purchasing the right business at the right price.

As well as advising entrepreneurs directly, HURST also supports leading banks and institutions with due diligence support. On top of expert financial due dilgence, HURST can also provide a range tax and commercial due diligence solutions. 

To learn more about our due diligence services, call us on 0161 477 2474, email Inspired@Hurst.co.uk or use the form below:

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