Working with Amazon - A Gorgeous Data Mine

The Marketing Centre and HURST Accountants will be hosting a round table breakfast on the theme of "working with Amazon." The event is designed for business owners or marketing professionals already working with or planning to leverage the online platform. Hosted by Hilary Large from The Marketing Centre, who has held senior e-commerce roles at Shop Direct, BBC, Betfred, and Superdrug.


Areas covered off will include the benefits of using Amazon - with very low barriers to entry. It will highlight how easy it is to 'turn on' Amazon as a great source of truly incremental revenue, seemingly with fairly low effort. And how the platform provides the ideal way of testing and trialing new lines to assess demands and appetite and how it can provide the ideal way to trade obsolete stock.

BUT, Hilary Large will also highlight some of the intricacies of working with Amazon and the need to manage this as effectively as possible. She comments: "trading on Amazon is not like trading on any other platform. The most successful sellers have adapted to the evolving ecosystem that is online retail by treating selling on Amazon like trading on the stock market."

Hilary will offer her advice on working with Amazon - given only Amazon knows its own on-site search ecosystem. As Hilary Large adds: "It's a gorgeous data mine and one that sellers need to fully understand how to navigate."

Interested in attending this event? Click here to register or email for more details.