Thinking Of Selling Your Business?

This seminar will brief you on the different exit options available and offer you thoughts on what you can do with your funds post completion.

If you are considering a business sale, be it in 2017 - or sometime in the future, it is fundamental that you understand and consider the key factors that will maximise value as early as possible. Experts from HURST and Pannone Corporate will highlight these factors for you.

Minimising tax and investing wisely will protect and grow your personal wealth and Capstone Financial Management along with HURST Corporate Finance will be providing analysis of these issues.

The experts on hand during the seminar will be:

  • Ian Dawson of Hurst Corporate Finance
  • Paul Brown of Hurst & Co Accountants
  • Obi Nnochiri of Capstone Financial Management
  • Mark Winthorpe of Pannone Corporate 
  • Tom Hall of Pannone Corporate

During this exclusive breakfast, hosted at the King Street Townhouse, we will consider:

  • The right time to look at exit planning and your exit options
  • How to minimise tax liability on exit
  • How to prepare your business to achieve maximum sale value
  • How to avoid a legal muddle: practical steps you can take now to ensure a smooth exit process
  • Considerations for your post-exit wealth plan
  • Maximising your investments to ensure a secure personal financial future

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