Tax Seminar: Inspector Calls

In recent years, HMRC has been taking an increasingly aggressive stance in its dealings with taxpayers. This is reflected both in the number of enquiries being raised and in the level of detail and the coordinated approach being taken. This may even take the form of an unannounced visit - for any business owner, this can be distressing and intimidating.

These enquiries are rarely opened at random and are generally the result of a detailed risk assessment by HMRC. We want to make sure you’re armed with the required knowledge to ensure these enquiries are dealt with and completed as smoothly as possible.

HMRC is likely to ask a multitude of questions relating to your business and your personal tax affairs. These requests may seem relatively benign but there is often one “killer” question which hints at why HMRC think there may be issues to address. Before answering any questions, it is vital to try and determine what the purpose of the enquiry is.

During this seminar, we will be hearing from Paul Brown, Head of Tax Compliance at HURST and Alex Clarke of Atherton Clarke who specialises in dealing with tax investigations. Both are ex-HMRC officers and are well placed to shed light on the best course of action to take during a tax investigation.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions of a business owner who has had a real-life experience of what it is like to undergo a visit from HMRC.

NB: If you are faced with an enquiry form HMRC, or even an HMRC officer turning up at your premises unannounced, we would strongly recommend that you seek advice. Our tax team are always here to help!

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