Selling Your Business: Are You Ready?


HURST Corporate Finance has a wealth of experience in providing advice on business sales and equity investments. Whilst this might not be on your agenda in the short or even medium term, it helps to have a good understanding of the process to ensure that when this is on your agenda you have prepared your business to maximise its value.

Selling your business or finding the right equity partner can be a daunting prospect, but one which when properly prepared for and advised on, can propel you and/or your business to the next level.

HURST Corporate Finance specialise in advising business owners to identify the right exit strategy and work to build on key value drivers to maximise value. Throughout 2018 HURST Corporate Finance along with guest speakers will be running a series of workshops to help business owners prepare for sale or equity investment, to learn what to expect from the process and how to get the right result.

During this first workshop "Selling Your Business: Are You Ready" we will focus on exit planning and how to prepare your business prior to a sale. 

To register for the “Selling Your Business: Are You Ready?” workshop click here.  If you would like to secure your place on all six workshops please email