Recognising and Preventing Fraud in Business

Recognising and preventing fraud in business is paramount. With over 50,000 jobs in lost and an average cost of £35k to SME’s, all businesses must make sure there are steps in place to identify and prevent fraud.


No business, regardless of size or complexity, is protected from fraud. Criminals are sophisticated and often use human nature to their advantage to dupe others and get the results they are looking for.

During this seminar, we will be joined by Fraud specialist, Ruth Wilson of Barclays and Louisa Murphy from Greater Manchester Police’s cybercrime unit. Both Ruth and Louisa will use real-life scenarios to help guests spot the signs of fraud. They will also talk about the types of fraud that occur most often in business and the actions to take if you are targeted.

HURST partner, Helen Besant Roberts, will also be giving an insight into examples of fraud we come across, both internal and external, the impact it can have, and the measures business owners should put in place to prevent it.

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