Is Private Equity Right For Me?

During this seminar, we will discuss what Private Equity investors look for in businesses and what they can do for you. In 2016, we saw much improved valuations and Private Equity demand for good businesses. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • Private Equity spending has gathered pace
  • Competition amongst industry buyers
  • Foreign entrants to the UK market
  • The current government’s tax policy
  • Improved confidence amongst management teams

Whether you’re considering a business sale or are seeking development capital, it is fundamental that you understand and consider the key factors that will maximise value as early as possible. To provide clarity on what the best option is for you, we’ll be hearing from Nigel Barratt - Partner at HURST and Head of Corporate Finance and Rob Jones of Foresight Group - a leading independent investment manager. During this exclusive breakfast seminar, the following topics of discussion will be covered:

  • Do I need equity investment? 
  • The right time to look at exit planning
  • Is Private Equity suitable for you? 
  • Is your business of interest to Private Equity? 
  • How to prepare your business for a Private Equity investor

Interested in attending this event? Click here to register or email Lucy Gallois-McCormick for more details. 

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