Is the Price Right?

Your pricing strategy is an integral element of your business and it is vital to get it right; Not only does it ensure the financial longevity of your business, it also sends out a certain message to your target market.


The art of getting your pricing right can be a challenge but once achieved, the results can be hugely profitable. To guide you through the science and psychology of pricing, we will be joined by David Abbott - an international pricing speaker and author who helps companies maximise their prices.

David studied Engineering Science and Economics at Oxford and then went on to run a £56m mail-order company where pricing is crucial. He has held many senior marketing roles and so, is perfectly placed to offer real insight into the impact pricing can have. He is currently a Part-Time Marketing Director with The Marketing Centre, the number one provider of proven part-time marketing directors to help ambitious businesses grow.

After listening to David you will know:

  • How customers make decisions about pricing
  • One simple thing that will increase your average order value
  • How to differentiate your business from your competition, so your customers no longer compare prices
  • An easy change to your price that costs nothing and improves your negotiating position
  • Why you might want to call your product The Super 2400