A Lunch with Ann Coffey

The current political landscape is nothing short of chaotic and this chaos was further echoed when we saw MP’s leaving their parties to set up “The Independent Group”. Dissatisfaction was rife and those who left were in search of a new, stronger form of leadership they didn’t feel they were getting from current party leaders.

A Lunch with Ann Coffey

Ann Coffey, who has been the Stockport MP since 1992, was part of this movement and will be joining us for an exclusive lunch. In her first term in Parliament, Ann Coffey served initially as a member of the trade and industry select committee, until she was promoted by Tony Blair to become an Opposition whip in 1995, and became an Opposition health spokeswoman in 1996.

When Labour won the 1997 General Election, Coffey was appointed as Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to Prime Minister Tony Blair. In 1998, she became PPS to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Alistair Darling and was his assistant from 2002–6 in his capacity as the Secretary of State for Transport and thereafter as Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.

Over lunch, Ann will shed light on the current political landscape and will provide an overview of The Independent Group’s objectives and visions.

 Interested in attending this event? Email Lucy.McCormick@hurst.co.uk for more information.