Ireland: Opportunities Post-Brexit

100,000 UK Companies register in Ireland

Last month the Irish Times reported that, during a House of Commons Committee, it was said that 100,000 UK companies have registered in Ireland since the referendum. UK firms are doing this a means of retaining their access to the EU single market in the event of a “hard Brexit”. Ireland has a number of other features which make it attractive to UK businesses, including lower labour costs, a strong pool of international talent and a very business friendly tax and legal system. Keen to learn more? 

Expert, Local Support

As a member of Prime Global, one of the leading international associations of independent accountancy firms, we pride ourselves on our international capability. We’ll be working with our Associate Irish Firm - Noone Casey to explore these options further.

Barclays will also be partnering up with us to offer information on the day-to-day banking support they can provide UK businesses considering this as an option. The IDA Ireland will also be talking about how they can help you to quickly establish and develop your operations in Ireland.  

Join us to Learn More

During this event, HURST, Noone Casey and Barclays will be giving talks on how we can support you during this transitional period as well as outlining the best tax strategy to employ in this situation. Lunch will be held at the Barclays state of the art offices in central Manchester where there will also be ample opportunity for Q&A and networking with like-minded business people. 

If you're an international business and want to learn more about the options available to you in a Post-Brexit Britain, click here to register for this event. 

Noone Casey, HURST, Barclays & Prime Global