HURST HR Update 2018


At the beginning of each year, we host an annual HR Update to ensure you are aware of the up-coming changes in the year. There have been a number of key employment law changes since our last update, not least the latest Employment Appeals Tribunal finding on the employment status of UBER drivers; it was determined that they were in fact workers not self-employed and so were entitled to certain benefits that they were not receiving.

Regardless of what is written into documents, it is the reality of working arrangements that really count – find out why exactly what you do, the rules and requirements you impose, and the arrangements you have in place, determine the status of your workers/contractors.

We are also on countdown to the 25th May 2018 when the new General Data Protection Regulations come into force and, while there is a lot of high-level legal guidance available, there is a shortage of ‘how-to’ guidance on aspects such as carrying out an employment audit.

We will share with you some practical, day-to-day methods to help you prepare for and implement the Regulations in your business and will offer clarity on many of the grey areas that surround the new GDPR.

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