How Marketing Builds Value into your Business

The role marketing and branding can play in a business can sometimes be unclear despite the positive effects it has. It can sometimes be perceived as an unnecessary cost whereas, in actual fact, marketing can be one of the biggest value drivers in your business.


The way you market your business defines how it will be perceived by your audience and, in an age where competition is rife, it is vital that you differentiate yourself and get your positioning right.

Granted, formulating a marketing strategy can be difficult but implementing it can be even harder if you don’t have the right resource around you. We understand this which is why we are partnering with two enterprises; The Marketing Cente and Fluid Ideas to deliver first-class, tailored marketing services to help businesses get the results they want.

The aim of this seminar is to give you a well-rounded overview of how you can use marketing to drive value for your business whether that be boosting the top line and profit or the value of your business as a whole, whilst at the same time providing guidance on the different types of support available.

Our speakers are:

Julie Brook – Regional Director at The Marketing Centre

Julie is part of a team of 85+ experienced professionals each with over 20 years’ experience and qualifications in marketing and who typically work one to three days a week inside ambitious businesses to provide the marketing experience for the business to achieve outstanding results.

Phil Harvey, Managing Director + Colin Mitchell, Digital Director at Fluid Ideas.
Fluid Ideas is a creative and branding agency which was set up by Phil 15 years ago. Fluid Ideas is an integrated agency which means all sorts of disciplines and channels are used to create the best possible campaigns and results for those they work with. 

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