How to Avoid HR Hell

As a business owner or HR professional, keeping up to speed with the ever-changing landscape of employment legislation can be a real challenge. HR Specialist Jane Caven will be joining us to provide an overview of some of the employment changes we have seen in 2018 and the changes we can expect to see in 2019.


Jane is Managing Director at Sagegreen and specialises in providing comprehensive HR service for clients comprising employment law, HR management, learning and development and senior management coaching.

During this session, we will reflect on some of the recent changes we have seen, for instance, the introduction of the GDPR and its impact on employers so far, as well as cases such as the Supreme Court’s rejection of the Pimlico plumbers appeal regarding employment status. A decision that has the potential to impact the rights of many people classified as independent contractors across the UK economy.

Jane will also discuss what will be changing in 2019 and will offer insight on how best to prepare and adapt to the changes ahead to ensure all your HR operations run smoothly. 

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