Growing Pains to Financial Gains

There reaches a stage when all business owners and entrepreneurs ask: “what’s next?”- especially when it comes to exit planning. Finding the answer to this question isn’t always easy, which is why we’re hosting this event to give you a full overview of the different options out there.


As a business owner or entrepreneur, you’ve worked hard to mould your business into something you’re proud of and attached to. You’ve been through the growing pains and now you’re seeking the financial gains that you’ve been working towards all these years.

Equity markets are picking up pace, and the various exit options seem to develop constantly, so knowing which option is best suited to you and your business is hard.

To make an informed decision, it’s good practice to seek advice not only from your professional advisors but also those who have trodden the same path as you.

At this exclusive breakfast seminar, held in partnership with Pareto Financial Planning, we’ll be welcoming a panel of entrepreneurs and business owners who have been involved in different transactions. Hear first-hand of their experiences, the advantages, and downsides of the different transactions and which transaction is best suited to certain types of businesses.

During the seminar, you will have free rein to ask questions relating to:

  • When the planning needs to start 
  • How to prepare to ensure the best result from the transaction
  • The different types of transactions i.e. trade sales, private equity investment, MBO / MBI / BIMBOs, EOTs
  • What help is available from banks, financial advisors and your corporate finance advisor
  • How to get the best yield from the consideration post-deal

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