Executive Insight with Daniel Bobroff: What can we learn from the Game Changers?

Daniel Bobroff is technology visionary and strategist working in retail and its associated value chains 

Executive Insight from Manchester Accountants HURST

Daniel is the founder of Coded Futures, a creative technology advisory firm focused on the future of retail, and formerly the co-founder and Investment Director of ASOS Ventures, the online fashion company’s venture capital division. He has spent over two decades as an innovator, entrepreneur, mentor and investor, and is, today, a leading voice and keynote speaker in the world of retail and fashion technology.

Daniel has founded, invested in and led companies within a range of innovative technologies including virtual reality, visual search, e-commerce and ad-tech. 

Scouting for the latest innovations across retail’s value chain, Daniel advises and inspires many of the top international brands and retailers on their technology driven future.

Facebook, Google, Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, ASOS – companies that were unknown just a few years ago yet have gone on to change their industry and, one might argue, the whole world.  They all share at least one thing in common; they are united by founders who can firmly be considered as game changers.

Are such people born or made? What are their special powers? What does it take to be a game changer? How can retailers and others learn from and then mirror their incredible successes?

These are some of the questions and more that the "Game Changer" Executive Insight keynote seeks to address. Daniel draws upon his own experience as someone who was thrust into the limelight with a single idea that would go on to change an industry (pioneering in game advertising, now an $8 billion global market). He combines his access to thousands of disruptive retail tech entrepreneurs from around the world to highlight the themes and capabilities that such individuals and organisations demonstrate and can, indeed, must be learned.

The Executive Insight session focuses its learning to the challenges currently faced by retailers. It proposes a detailed roadmap that can be adopted by any CEO or senior executive to ensure that their organisation is best placed to emerge from a period of meteoric change and establish itself as a leading force...a winner...a game changer.

With its motivational tone, this Executive Insight session is about inspiring change and making tangible progress, in the belief that it is within everyone’s gift to be the game changer.

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