Employee Benefits for Uncertain Times

Despite COVID 19, good employers are continuing to offer benefits far beyond just a workplace pension in a bid to look after their people in these uncertain times. They also have an eye on retaining staff in better times and attracting the best talent on the market.

Employee Benefits

This seminar will aid business leaders, HR & Finance professionals wanting to learn more about the various benefits available and understand what has changed since the onset of Coronavirus:

•Increased unemployment 
•More focus on budgets and cost savings
•Finding cost savings to generate budget more crucial than ever
•Greater importance on prioritising spend on benefits
•Wellbeing strategy is probably more important now than ever
•Employer still need to retain, motivate their best people
•Compliance and good governance is still needed

Employee benefits consultant, Alan Makinson of Pareto Financial Planning will be sharing his wealth of knowledge in the area and take attendees through the latest opportunities and potential pitfalls.

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