Doing Business In The Netherlands

Following last year's Brexit result, businesses in the UK are faced with uncertainty, especially those who trade with Europe. In April, we hosted an event entitled “Doing Business in Ireland”, to help those proactively looking to mitigate the effects of Brexit. During our next event, we’re inviting businesses to discover how setting up in the Netherlands could also mitigate any potentially adverse effects of Brexit as well as presenting strategic growth opportunities in its own right.

In addition to providing UK businesses with an EU presence allowing them to continue trading there without restrictions, the Netherlands also makes a lot of sense logistically. Both Amsterdam and Rotterdam have major sea ports which provide direct access to the major transport and logistics networks within Europe.

Visser & Visser, a well-established Dutch accountancy firm and part of our worldwide association (PrimeGlobal), will be joining us to explain the benefits of establishing a presence in the Netherlands and speak of their experience of assisting UK businesses setting up there.

Our Head of International Tax and Compliance, Paul Brown, will present to give his insights into the UK taxation implications British businesses need to consider before committing to such a move. Two leading North West businesses will also be sharing their experiences in setting up and prospering in the country.

The event will take place over lunch at the state-of-the art Barclays offices in central Manchester, we will also have an opportunity to hear how Barclays can offer support from a banking perspective.

If this is something you would like to discuss in more detail, there will be the opportunity to organise one-on-one meetings with Visser & Visser. Click here if this is something you would be interested in.

Interested in attending this event? Click here to register or email for more details.