Delving into Due Diligence

 Join us at this seminar where we will be delving into everything related to the due diligence process. From our experience, in any sale or investment, there are almost always issues that arise from diligence that will not only impact value but can sometimes even jeopardise the transaction completely.


If you are going to buy another business, you should always undertake rigorous due diligence to identify any potential problems.

Similarly, if you’re about to sell your business or obtain significant investment, be prepared for demanding and time-consuming due diligence by the buyers or investors.

Business owners considering exit or investment are highly encouraged to undertake a preliminary due diligence review of all aspects of the business to prevent any potential pitfalls and enable issues to be resolved, making the process more manageable, efficient and cost-effective.

The due diligence process also applies to businesses applying for grants. Ordinarily, every aspect of the business must be thoroughly examined, and a report issued for the application to be reviewed.

At HURST, we have a dedicated due diligence team who can deliver on every aspect of the process, whether it be due diligence on a target acquisition, pre-investment due diligence or preliminary due diligence in preparation for a sale or transaction.

During this due diligence seminar, Helen Besant Roberts and Ian Dawson, both experts in this field, will provide a full overview of what the different processes involve.

We will also look at the most common issues that occur during the different stages of due diligence, drawing from first-hand experience and offering pragmatic advice to business owners and finance professionals considering an exit, an acquisition, investment, or a grant application.

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