Corporate structuring and tax planning in a post-Coronavirus world

The effects of Coronavirus on business offer a unique opportunity for change. How quickly you grasp this opportunity and how effectively you execute it will determine your future. Act too slowly and you could be snapped up, your people raided, or your business may fail.

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In the first of a series of online seminars, we examine corporate structuring and tax planning in a post-Coronavirus world.

The pandemic has caused businesses to look very carefully at how they structure their operations, both in the UK and abroad. Owners and directors have become increasingly aware of the need to ensure that their corporate structures are fit for the business landscapes that will emerge once the immediate disruption has passed. Indeed, we are already starting to support a number of clients as their focus turn to a number of longer term questions, including:

Succession planning

Should business owners already be starting to plan for the passing of ownership on to the next generation, management and employees?

Is now a good time to think about value extraction?

Acquisitions & disposals

Has Covid19 brought into focus gaps in a business’s operations which can be filled by strategic acquisition?

Alternatively, should a business dispense with a profitable but ultimately non-core activity to enable it to refocus on, and reinvest in, its key strengths?

Are there opportunities for owners to take value off the table, and to de-risk or diversify?

Cross border operations

Does the business need to restructure its overseas investments in light of opportunities (or deficiencies) identified during the pandemic?

How does a business expand internationally, given what we have learned from Covid19?

Where does Brexit fit in all of this?

What does a robust post-Covid19 and post-Brexit corporate structure look like?


How do businesses best utilise Covid19-related corporate losses?

Are there ways in which businesses can improve their cash flows through efficient loss relief?

Adrian Young, HURST tax partner, will provide insights into the above issues in our seminar, “Corporate structuring and tax planning in a post-Covid19 world”, which is scheduled to take place on the 4th June at 9:00 am.

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