Beyond Coronavirus: Prepare your business for the next chapter.

Much attention has been focussed on WHEN businesses might return to some sort of normality following the Coronavirus outbreak. This on line event looks at HOW you might emerge and WHAT you need to do NOW to prosper. 

Beyond Coronavirus

Our panel of experts will lead conversation and answer your questions on a range of topics, including:

How has the world changed?

The fortunes of individuals, businesses and markets have been substantially altered. Supply shortages and a collapse in customer demand may well continue for some, but for others new opportunities have been created linked to remote working, online retail, and healthcare. Markets expert Alex Brandreth  will give his view on:

  • What could this mean for your business?
  • How could this impact your business model?
  • Opportunities for re-invention.

Power to your people

Maintaining a happy, healthy, and engaged workforce during the pandemic is a challenge in itself, but it will pay dividends once it is all over. There could even be opportunities, such as agile working and technology adaption that can accelerate your businesses prospects. People expert Charlotte Dean gives her view on:

  • What does good engagement look like during times like this?
  • What can you do now to make sure your people are at the centre of your next chapter?
  •  How can your people and business benefit from effective controls and discipline as we emerge into the new 'normal'?

Futureproofing your financials

 Business plans and financial models have been stretched and in many cases overrun by the pandemic. Good businesses will survive, but how can you use this as an opportunity to re-set your finance and funding arrangements for the future. Corporate Finance guru Nigel Barratt gives his view on:

  • Making the most of current government support and funding opportunities.
  • Re-building your balance sheet.
  • Forecasting and modelling for the future.

Tax planning

Government support for business is unprecedented. Tax rises to pay for this are widely expected and could come with an emergency budget once the pandemic is over. Tax expert Adrian Young gives his view on:

  • Immediate opportunities to generate cash under the current regime.
  • The importance of on-going dialogue with HMRC
  • What might happen in future - where could the exchequer look to replenish its coffers? 
  • What you can do to prepare.