Autumn Budget Update: Stockport Session

Following the Chancellor’s Budget announcement on 22nd November, HURST Managing Partner, Tim Potter and Don Smith, Brown Shipley’s Chief Investment Officer will be hosting two round table sessions to give an overview of the implications of the changes announced.

Don became CIO at Brown Shipley in 2016, having joined the business as Deputy CIO in 2015. Don previously held the role of Chief Economist at iCap. Prior to this, he was a Senior Economist at HSBC and a founder member of the team at Roger Bootle’s Capital Economics unit. Don’s views on key economic activity are often reproduced in the press with his thoughts on pre and post UK General Election appearing in various publications, including Portfolio Adviser, Business Insider and The New York Times.

While many rush to judgement based only on the Chancellor’s speech, meaningful commentary can only be given after careful consideration of all the Budget material. During the sessions, we will look beyond the headlines to provide considered insights into the real impact of the new budget, what it means for businesses and how best to adapt to the changes.

Along with a hot buffet breakfast, there will also be ample opportunity for networking, open discussions and Q&A with the speakers. The first session will be taking place at our Central Manchester office and the second in our Stockport office so please be sure to specify which venue you would prefer to attend.

Interested in attending the Stockport session? Click here to register or email for more details.