The Apprenticeship Levy - Are You Ready?

The new apprenticeship levy marks a big change in the professional development arena and we’re always keen to support our clients and prospects during transitional periods. This is why we’re hosting this seminar which will provide you with all you need to know about the apprenticeship levy and the implications for your business.

Bev Stoakes, our Payroll Manager, will talk about how we’re going to adapt our payroll systems to accommodate the changes brought about by the apprenticeship levy. Bev will also be giving details around the different funding methods for businesses of certain sizes and guidance on how to access the funds.

Helen Besant Roberts, our Business Services Partner, is going to be highlighting the advantages of the apprenticeship levy and will cover the strategic aspects of the new system, with the main focus being the overall benefit of apprenticeships within the workplace.

Our guest speakers include Chris Taylor - Professional Services Manager from the Greater Manchester Chamber and Cat Doyle - Workforce Development Advisor from the Skills Company. They will both be giving talks on how you can make the most of the new apprenticeship levy and what the long term implications will be for businesses. Cat will also be discussing the advantage of employing apprentices and how this benefits businesses on a strategic level.