Tim Potter

Tim Potter, HURST Accountants
Chief Executive
0161 429 2513

What I do

I lead the firm in its mission to be recognised as the best in the region advising Entrepeneur owned businesses turning over £5 to £50 million.

Where I've been

PWC for 7 years: I trained with PWC in Manchester and gained a top grade professional education.

HURST 17 years: I was wowed by HURST's entrepreneurial spirit, I gained a fabulous grounding in the world of entrepreneurial business from our founding partner Malcolm Hurst.

What I've learned

It can be done! - if they could put a man on the moon before the advent of the computer, then......take risks - life is short!

The most dangerous place from which to watch the commercial world is from your desk!

All quotes from a fabulous commercial mentor to me - Michael Oliver.

Why we're unlike any other accountant

We only work with:

  1. People whose business means everything to them
  2. High Growth, Family, International, TMT and Manufacturing businesses
  3. We are the best independent firm in the North West in the £5m to £50m turnover privately owned business market.

As a result we focus on what we do incredibly well.


  • Favourite film: The Italian Job (original version!)
  • Favourite music: I like pretty much everything
  • Favourite food: Christmas Lunch
  • Favourite city: London (the UK's second city after Manchester)

IMPORTANT: Hurst Accountants Limited uses the word “partner” in respect of its senior employees in its dealings with you to describe, respectively, a statutory director and senior employee of Hurst Accountants Limited. The statutory directors are: T Potter, M Jackson, S Brownbill, H Besant-Roberts, R Murphy, N Mistry.