Rachel Murphy

Rachel Murphy, HURST Accountants
0161 477 2474

What I do

I spend time with entrepreneurs and owner managers understanding their business, their aims and strategy so I can then help to ensure we devise a tax strategy which is aligned with these. Tax is increasingly complex, despite all the talk of ‘tax simplification’, so a large part of my time is helping clients navigate through this complexity so they do not inadvertently incur a tax bill unnecessarily.

Where I’ve been

I trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant at PKF and moved into tax when I was there. I then moved to Lathams (which became part of Tenon) for three years, gaining my Chartered Tax qualification whilst I was there. I joined HURST Accountants as a Tax Manager in December 1998……..yikes!

What I’ve learned

You’re only as good as your last piece of advice. Tax legislation is constantly changing, so you can’t afford not to keep up-to-date or go back to first principles and review the actual legislation before you put pen to paper.

Why we’re unlike any other accountant

We care – about our clients, our team and our community.


  • Favourite film: All the Presidents Men
  • My favourite music: No particular genre – from classical, opera to Eminem, Coldplay even Ariana Grande on occasion!
  • My favourite food: Long lazy Sunday lunch with family and friends
  • My favourite city: Sydney – helped by the fact my brother lives there!

IMPORTANT: Hurst Accountants Limited uses the word “partner” in respect of its senior employees in its dealings with you to describe, respectively, a statutory director and senior employee of Hurst Accountants Limited. The statutory directors are: T Potter, M Jackson, S Brownbill, H Besant-Roberts, R Murphy, N Mistry.