Neil Jackson

Neil Jackson HURST Accountants.
Senior Digital Consultant
07435 295 000

What I do

I help our clients improve their businesses by delving deep in to their systems and processes (both human and electronic), to fully understand the way their business operates and how their information is captured, analysed and reported on in order to provide solutions for streamlining, automating and reporting improvements as well as supporting full systems migration.

Where I've been

I started my career at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Manchester as an auditor, moving to London after finishing my studies. I then switched from practice to industry, working for CBRE in The City. Upon meeting my wife, we moved back to Manchester where I set up both a family home and my own practice. After initially carrying out some consulting work with HURST, we found our working methods, goals and ideals were all very much aligned and so joined full time to help develop HURST Digital.

What I've learned

The joy that can be spread by showing our clients “the art of the possible”.

Why we're unlike any other accountant

We work with likeminded individuals with big ideas who are willing to put in the work to achieve their dreams.


  • Favourite film: Memento
  • Favourite music: Punk & Metal
  • Favourite food: Thai Green Curry
  • Favourite city: Manchester (although with the speed of development, I recognise it less and less each time I go back)