Lisa Wichlacz

Payroll Team Manager
0161 429 2503

What I do

I am the manager of the payroll team, I process the payrolls, complete pension work and overall look after my many clients should they need my payroll expertise. I also give my team a headache constantly chasing BMS.

Where I've been

I have definitely been around a bit! I have worked in industry for a kitchen and engineering company as a Bookkeeper, Payroll and Accounts exec, I have worked in 3 firms of accountants since my working career started at 16 doing Bookkeeping and Accounts. Most recently my career changed into the world of the Payroll Bureau. I have now amassed my payroll knowledge and enjoy this aspect of finance as much as I did my early career.

What I've learned

I have learned that if all else fails because of auto-enrolment, I could now moonlight as a pension advisor. Nobody works like me and I am still yet to figure out if that’s a good or bad thing! Putting time and dedication into your position and attitude can get you far in life and you should always strive to be better!

Why we're unlike any other accountant

We are unlike any other account as we employ all my siblings within the firm - takeover is in progress! On a serious note though, I enjoy my role, I enjoy working for the firm and I thoroughly enjoy my job!


  • Favourite film: Dirty Dancing but recently Greatest Showman is catching up!
  • My favourite music: Love a bit of Reggae Music but my music library includes Irish music, Old school and even a bit of the Twilight soundtrack!
  • My favourite food: The local Lebanese is a game changer
  • My favourite city: Rome so far