James Hallewell

James Hallewell HURST Accountants
Senior Digital Consultant
0161 477 2474

What I do

I work within the HURST Digital team where I develop new ways of working that ensure maximum reporting efficiency and produce high-quality management information, real-time that gives you groundbreaking insight into your business.

Where I've been

I studied Mathematics at the University of Manchester where I graduated in July 2012. I then worked at a local hospice near London for a year within the finance team.

I joined HURST Accountants in March 2014 where I worked in BS audit team for 3.5 years. Once qualified I moved to the digital team.

What I've learned

Attitude reflects leadership.

Why we’re unlike any other accountant

We are as passionate about your business as you are.


  • Favourite film - American gangster, Remember the Titans
  • Favourite music - Eclectic
  • Favourite food – any and all
  • Favourite city – Salzburg/Innsbruck - gateway to the Austrian Alps!